Our Services

What We Offer

YesCon Tech provides quality professional services and help-desk solutions for small to large scale organizations, as well as provides secured preventive management solutions.

Some of our services include:

  • Managed Services
  • Consultancy
  • Security Solutions


Managed Services

Our Managed Services is an IT infrastructure management platform through which we provide support solutions to our clients’ IT infrastructure by developing technical strategies; following which we can easily integrate new ideas and concepts into their existing technology platform while adhering to our clients’ broadly defined organisational policies and practice.

Our Managed IT Service catalogue ensures that we cover and provide excellent services to all areas of your organisation’s IT infrastructure, proffer our expert solutions and support physically by a dedicated support portal or by remote access.

Our Managed IT Services component in this category include, risk and change management, data management and storage, consultancy and system integration, hardware and software management, internet facility management, network and telecom components management, application management, professional training, Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) and security solutions management.


For over 10 years we have worked with many organisation and individuals advising, listening, recommending and resolving their technical issue. We have provided strategic guidance to our clients with regards to technology, IT infrastructures and major business process enhancements enabler through IT.

We also provide guidance during selection and procurement as well as expert technical assistance, training and best practice.

We have even gone further to acquire professional certifications and training on IT best practice and standards. All these factors make us one of the best experienced in IT Consultancy.

Security Solutions

Nothing speaks volume and gives rest of mind than knowing and having a secure network and security solutions.

We have devoted an important part of our development and training to building simple and secure networks, security solutions and effective risk management protocols. From the moment you turn on your devices, throughout the time you are connected to a network, we ensure you, your devices and information remain secure and protected.

We offer the simplest, most robust solutions to ensure privacy, data integrity, information availability, backup and data recovery. Our security solution services also cover the management, installation and configuration of the following but not limited to, firewalls, sensors (local or remote), switches, routers, gateways, antivirus, wireless access points, fiber optics, local/wide area network and network appliances.